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Extreme Flight Edge 540T - 88" (4 flights old) 50cc

09 Feb 2018, 17:54

Hey guys,

I am looking to sell off my 4-flight-old EF 88" Edge 540T. This is a 3D, aerobatic plane:

1) Original wing bags for main wings, tail stabs and canopy
2) Ultra-bright "lens" white cree landing light, powered from 2S balancing lead, controlled by radio
3) Functional spring suspension bungee, stainless steel cable for not-so-perfect landings
4) Profiled with smoked canopy in color gradient (Red to Purple to Dark Blue to Black), similar scheme to the aircraft's color
5) Glossy Carbon Fiber Spinner and Aluminum Back Plate
6) Side Force Generators (SFGs) for performance

Requires your own receiver, 50cc engine or higher, servos and receiver batteries.

Condition is 9.8 out of 10. Selling price $600. Negotiable! But please do not low-ball. Really nice aircraft for aerobatics or 3Ds but that is just not me. I am sports/pylon/warbird flyer. Contact me by PM or call me for viewing 8282 eight zero zero eight.

Cheers, good day!
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